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Java Architect Server Based Solutions



This company in Velthoven in the Netherlands delivers advanced lithographic equipment for the semiconductor industry. To minimize costly downtime of these complex machines, our chip manufacturing customers are typically supported 24/7 by our field service engineers. Their task is to effectively diagnose and repair equipment issues. 

In case equipment goes out of service we consider three repair phases: diagnose, repair and recovery. 

For the diagnostic phase of the repair the service engineer will consult a knowledge base with repair procedures and diagnostic solutions that are traditionally incorporated into a set of software tools (Windows, laptops). 

The other affected phase: recovery, is the process in which a complex set of calibration tests is executed on the equipment to bring the performance back to specification. That same procedure is also crucial in our factory where the calibration procedures are used to prepare the equipment for shipment to the customer. 

For the next generation Diagnostic & Recovery infrastructure a new architecture has been defined. A client-server based solution is requested to simplify workflow, improve data quality and thereby reducing down time. A world-wide knowledge database mapping known failure to know solutions is to be professionalized and extended. 

In the factory the server based solution will reduce the build time (cycle time reduction). At this moment an initial laptop based version has successfully been delivered to factory as an intermediate step. Now the project needs to migrate into a server based solution where not 1 laptop calibrates 1 machine but where a single server can calibrate many machines. 

In order to realize the product the team will follow the Agile Scrum approach. The realization of the product will be split over 2 to 3 software project teams that all are supported by the product architect. 


Your task as Software Product Architect is to translate architectural concepts and ideas into manageable building blocks. The product is complex and covers a range of platforms. In the factory an IT project integrates the solution in SAP for which the project delivers plugins. In the customer environment the calibration software must run on a dedicated equipment performance server. The product does include a significant set of changes in the equipment software (developed in C, C++). 

All of these products are used in factory and in field (e.g. Taiwan). They are to be built on a single code base to reduce development time and fast roll out to both environments. This makes stakeholder management and alignment another important part of your tasks. 

The Software Product Architect has or builds knowledge on the entire execution chain. This person can break down the architecture into tasks for individual developers, is able to guard the correct implementation of the chosen architecture. You work together with architects in the our IT environment; you yourself operate in our D&E. You are willing to become a product specialist, on top of a software architect. 



In the 10 – 15 person D&E design team you play a crucial knowledge contribution role in the selection of the best Java EE frameworks to meet the requirements. 

Your deliverables are design documentation, critical reviews of documents written by others, support (integration) testing of the software and support issue resolution during the implementation. You share the responsibility for the correct end product with project- and group leader(s), system engineers.



Typically: Master degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent. A second option is a Master degree in another expertise but with significant relevant working experience in this area.


You prove to have at least 8+ year experience in software development, design and requirements collection. You also have:
• Solid knowledge of software architecture, UML and object oriented design methods.
• worked in multi-disciplinary projects.
• dealt with customers and coached designers and developers.
• Significant Java experience (and other object oriented languages).
• Experience with web development toolkits and languages.

An additional plus to have:
• Affinity with machine development & high tech systems.
• Previous experiences with diagnostics and associated tools.
• Experience with databases and big data collection.
• Experience in service and/or manufacturing environment.

Personal skills

In this job you must be able to communicate and listen. You have a strong motivation and find creative solutions for complex problems. You can translate requirements and business goals into software specifications and designs. Summarizing, you have the soft skills required to be an architect
• Common sense.
• Judgment / tradeoff of design solutions.
• Balance short and long term, the correct level of pragmatism
• Conceptual thinker that can make the step from concept to work-break-down.
• Teamplayer
• Java
• Agile
• Scrum
• Unified Modeling Language

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