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Lead Scala developer in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)



Our client is a golf technology company whose goal is to become the first truly open, global, scalable cloud based technology platform. The catalyst for changing the way technology is used in the golf industry.

We are all very passionate about the game golf and are highly motivated to change the way the golf industry works.

Currently we are working together with a Scala software company and we are now at the moment in time to build our own team to bring all the crucial knowledge in-house and to take our technology to the next level.


We are looking for a motivated and passionate lead developer(s) who:

    • Loves to work on a product
    • Has entrepreneurship in his personality
    • Is able to strategically lead a project team (4-8 people) to successful delivery
    • Is excited to mentor, influence and lead a team

A lot will be asked of you as our lead developer: you will be responsible of the technological development, as well as the deliverables. You will be the (technical) heart of our company, to work with the same passion for our goals as we do. We are a small and lean company so you have a lot of freedom that you must channel into right actions.


  • University degree
  • Between 25-40 years
  • English speaking
  • Living or willing to move to Rotterdam

Technical Skills

  • Architecture You should be comfortable working with your team to craft a design: choosing the appropriate technology and designing a solution that both answers the problem at hand, and stays within constraints.
  • Coding Our Leads never go post-technical. We think that it’s important for technical leadership to continue to code. Our clients don’t all work in one language or platform, and neither do we. As a lead, we’re looking for a breadth of experience in a lot of languages, and expertise in at least Scala and Play! Framework. You should also be up to speed on practices like TDD, continuous integration, pairing, and infrastructure automation.
  • Understanding and playing a major part in the entire cycle of software delivery, from ideation, to project conception, to UX, to code, to testing, to deployment, and around again.
  • Agile We believe strongly in agile delivery practices, having implemented them for ourselves. You should be very comfortable working with Agile, Lean and Continuous Delivery practices - and love it as much as we do.

Soft Skills

  • Mentoring a team and bringing them up to speed on new languages and skills. We all learn from each other, but with the breadth of technical experience you’ll bring to the table, you’ll be an invaluable teacher to your less-experienced peers.
  • Thinking big and acting fast. You’ll need a start-up mentality with enterprise awareness. That means you can manage competing priorities, that you’re ready to pivot or adjust plans quickly, and that you understand the role you and your team play in major organizations’ tech strategies.
  • Influencing priorities, for both the development and sales team. You understand both the business problem and the technical solution, and you’re able to advocate for excellence and effect change when necessary.


  • A way of living with a fast growing company
  • An informal environment where we will challenge each other to get the best out of ourselves
  • A great place to work
  • A competitive salary, 50-70K
  • 25 vacation days

    Acepto las condiciones y política de privacidad de la empresa

    Desde aquí animo a todos los españoles que tengan espíritu de aventura, quieran vivir una experiencia laboral internacional y enriquecer su trayectoria profesional a que den un gran paso en sus vidas y se animen a salir fuera de España para trabajar. Mi experiencia ha sido y es francamente impresionante, desde el primer día que deposité mi confianza en el equipo de Match Better Jobs de la mano de Marja Beerens, se portaron muy bien conmigo en todo momento, con una profesionalidad excepcional y me explicaron con todo tipo de detalles en que iba a consistir mi trabajo, donde se iba a desarrollar y que tipo de facilidades y ayudas iba a tener para poder desempeñar mi trabajo, las condiciones económicas, etc, y realmente todo fue tal y como me explicaron desde el principio. Un 10 para el equipo de Match Better Jobs.Jose Javier de Ruz Ortega (Madrid)